The courses on pancreatic, breast and colon cancer surgery are available now on

Pancreatic Cancer Surgery:

  • Introduction and overview of pancreatic cancer
  • Investigations including screening controversies
  • Oncology issues and palliative care
  • Subtypes of pancreatic cancer
  • Surgery for pancreatic cancer

Breast Cancer Surgery:

  • Introduction, Anatomy, Physiology & Aetiology
  • Surgery in Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Medical Managment
  • Screening, Investigation and Presentation of Breast Cancer
  • Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Colon Cancer Surgery:

  • Introduction, Anatomy, Physiology, Histopathology, Genetics and Risk
  • Patient Presentation including Screening, Investigations and Staging
  • Medical Managment and Metastases
  • Surgical Managment of Colonic Cancer
  • Polyp Disease Prognosis and Survival

Innovation in e-learning: learning for all

Published article from ePOSSOM leaders, Kat Butcher and Richard Bamford on surgical oncology, the power of e-learning and the development of the ePOSSOM collaborative.

ePOSSOM intro pack

This introductory pack provides you with all the background information you require on the project.

Personal Specification

Details the specific breakdown of the responsibilities and duties plus explains the desired qualities applicants will require.

Innovation in education poster

Provides a breakdown of the innovative elements of the ePOSSOM collaborative.

ASME poster

Promotional poster for the Association for the Study of Education Conference.

ASGBI poster

Promotional poster for the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Conference.