An innovative project to develop e-learning materials to support surgical trainees in oncological surgery. 

ePOSSOM is an innovative collaboration where surgical trainees work alongside ecancer to develop open access,e-learning courses in cancer surgery. The courses are developed specifically for other surgical trainees but are relevant for any healthcare professional with an interest in cancer surgery.

  • Provides a convenient and simple way to access engaging, high quality interactive education.
  • Strives for the most up-to-date and best evidence resources, following the UK ISCP Curriculum.
  • Interactive and engaging e-learning experience.


Take a look for yourself and try our course on pancreatic cancer surgery, courses on and breast and colon available autumn 2015.

Who is ePOSSOM for?

Designed with surgical trainees in mind, the modules themselves useful for anyone interested in learningabout surgical oncology.

What do I get out of it?

Participants gain valuable experience working alongside senior colleagues as well payment and additional study leave. 

How do I get involved?

Just fill in the contact form on the ‘contact us’ detailing your interest or any additional question you may have.


ePOSSOM Leaders: